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  • Drought Busting Formula For Plants Made in Australia

Drought Busting Formula For Plants

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Drought Busting Formula For Plants

 1.2 Litre container

This new 21st century Drought busting formula is suitable for Pot Plants, Vegetable and other types of Gardens.

The specially selected ingrdients will do the following three things.

  1. Help retain soil moister
  2. Create air pockets in the soil
  3. Mildy Fertilize the Plants


  • Two types of Water absorbing crystals
  • A Granular soil additive for aeration that helps retain oxygen levels in the soil
  • A soil conditioner that aerats the soil
  • A special soluable fertilizer to help boost your plants health and keep them strong

 Water absorbing crystals will expand when the soil around it is wet. As the soil dries Plant roots will use these water filled crystals as a water source. As the crystals also absorb soluable nutrents they will also help feed Plants.

Granular soil additive will help keep the soil aerated and as a added bonus will also partially aborb water for plant use.

Soluable Fertilizer will help keep your plants healthy and will be abosrbed by the water crystals for your pants future use.

Directions for use

  1. Pour the required amount of Drought Busting Formula into a bigger continer keeping in mind that this mix will expand in size as water is absorbed into it.
  2. Add plenty of water to cover at leat the top of the wanted Drought Busting Formula
  3. Allow the crystals to expand and absorb the solube fertalizer - about 10 minutes
  4. Stir the mix and apply it as follows

For Garden Beds

  • Mix the saturated Drought Buster Formula befor applying it to the garden Bed.
  • Mix the Formula well into the soil without disturbing the Pants or vegetables.
  • Water in well

Pot Plants

  • Make a few 25mm diameter holes (the bigger the Plant Pot the more holes should be made) of varying depth around the pot plant trying to avoid disturding the roots.
  • Pour or spoon into the holes the saturated Drought Buster Formula.
  • Fill the hole back in.
  • Water your plants

If you are repotting or planting a new Plant follow the instructions for Garden Beds



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