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Do You Have The New Super Bug In Your Hospital?

Or A Bacterial Out Break?

We May Have Your Solution...

On Sunday 27th May 2012, the Today Show on The Nine Network reported a out break of a new super bug, they say has killed 14 people and affected many thousands more.

We have in the past supplied a solution that have helped hospitals remove bugs from infected rooms in Australian Hospitals.

The Problem Of Removal

If there is a Bacterial out break in a  hospital, cleaning staff try to disinfect the infected areas,

In the past, they had to assume they had covered every single inch of the infected room(s).

Unfortunatly in most cases the rooms had to be re disinfected again, as areas were left without treatment, and the infection remained.

If they would have had some type of visual guide to check if all areas have been treated properly, the bugs would have been removed completely..

The Solution

Our solution is a chemical mixed in with the hospital grade disinfectant, before application.

The Treated disinfectant is then applied to the infected room.

After treatment, hospital staff can check the room to confirm that all areas have been totally covered with the disinfectant, using a special light source, that will show untreated areas.

Our solution has been mentioned in Queensland Governments Health Magazine MileStones vol 2 On page 12.

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