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Create A Mystical garden

How To Create A Mystical garden In The 21st Century

As our previous article on How To Create A Mystical garden was so popular we have decided to rewrite it but using all the new information we have gathered since the original article was published.

UV Glow Paint Used In A suburban Garage to help create a mystical garden

A suburban Garage used as part of a Mystical garden. It is illuminated by UV Glow Paint and UV Blacklights.

 Glow In The Dark Mystical Gardens

 Glow in the dark Mystical gardens use Glow in the dark products to make the magic happen.

You can use glow paints to paint differant areas that are to be highlighted.

If you have a cubby house you could paint the inside of it so when nigh time comes it will glow from within.

Glow Products like glow sticks glow tape and glow rocks can all be used.

 Although still popular Glow in the dark gardens have many disadvantages

The main drawback with using most glow in the dark Products is after a minute or two if the area is not pitch black you will not see the glow effect. This can also create dangerous situations (People walking around in darkness).

Another negitive is the Glow Products need sun light or other strong light source to charge.

UV BlackLight Mystical Gardens - The better alternative

 UV Black light Mystical Gardens using UV Blacklight items have a more Mystical look.

UV items are generally more easily found at your local store or website if you know what to look for.

They can also be found in many differant colours and are less expensive than Glow in the Dark Products.

Mystical gardens that use UV Blacklights are safer as the UV Blacklights make the surrounding area semi lit.

As a general rule if you are hunting for things to use is if a item is neon - fluorescent in appearance there is a good change it will light up when exposed to a UV Blacklight.

If you want to check if they glow near blacklight and you are traveling to store take a UV torch with you.

When sourcing UV Blacklights look for these three UV Light sources.

  1. 12 volt DC UV Blacklight - safe to use outdoors if used correctly.
  2. Mains powered UV black lights - These need to be protected from rain moisture etc.
  3. For safety you could use UV Blacklight torches to create the Mystical effect.

Disadvantages of UV BlackLight Mystical Gardens

They need UV blacklights to create the Mystical effect.

UV Paints are not suitable for exposed areas outdoors.

Other ideas For Mystical Gardens

 Combine the Glow in the Dark and UV Black light Products for a creative mystical garden.

Add some Electroluminescent Products for example EL wire to really add a superior effect.


Rewritten on 13th Nov 2015 - rev 001

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