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Buying Guide For UV Black Lights

Buying guide uv black light torches 

 As there a different types of UV Blacklight torches available and just as many uses for them, you need to purchase the correct type.

A basic rundown on these uv black light torches 

You may have seen black lights torches on some of your favorite TV shows and movies. Black light torches come in all different sizes and wave lengths some are for universal use and some are made for a specific applications.  Ultraviolet light is cannot be seen humans
laundry-sink-stains-under-365nm-torch-350.jpgA UV Torch showing normally hidden stains in a Laundry Sink

How to select a good quality uv black light torch 

Here at Glow Paint Industries we have a large range of black light torches from basic plastic body black light torches to more professional black lights that have a metal body. Most of our black light torches are powered by AA or AAA batteries. Image on the left is Budgies exposed to a UV Black Light At a Show Hosted By Don Burke. Note the Head and other feathers light up.

Our range of black light torches And Other UV Black Lights


Handheld uv black light 365nm

This is the up close and personal black light and has a wide range of uses. Can be used for checking invisible markings or writing on property. Is also use for checking bank notes, stamps and ID cards.  Small, compact and light weight design. Easy to use and runs off 4 x AA batteries. A great little multipurpose black light torch for business or personal use. 

12 LED black light torch 400nm 

Mid range black light torch good all rounder. Metal body construction. Good little torch suitable for use in most situations where a black light torch is needed. Also good for checking proof of age cards. Powered by 4 x AAA batteries.  

21 LED black light torch 395~400nm

Mid range black light torch just like the 12 LED but the output is substantially better. Good all rounder that is metal contraction and small and compact. Powered by 4 x AAA batteries.

41-21 black light LED torch 395nm 

Dual mode black light torch highly suitable for business use. Metal body construction. Light weight and portable. Good output. A good torch for showing up inorganic and organic material that has fluorescent properties. Beam distance around 5m to 10m used by both the government and universities around Australia.

100 LED black light torch 395nm

High output black light torch. Metal body construction. Good for lighting up organic and inorganic material with fluorescent properties from a distance. Used by government, hospitals, schools, universities, doctors, vets, carpet cleaners, hotels, real estates and many other industry professionals. Powered by 4 x AA batteries.

Black light bulb 12 volt DC 365nm 13W or 25W

This is not a black light torch but dose deserve a mention. This uv black light bulb is used in places where there is not power points available. This black light bulb is portable and can be powered by a 12V battery or a power pack. Comes with fitting for the bulb and hanging hook. Bulb can be replaced. Warning do not plug into 240 volt AC mains power.

240 volt Mains Powered Black Light party Light

These uv black light bulbs are used at Fluro UV Paint Parties. There are two types. bayonet and screw in fitting so if you are going to use these lights be sure you know the correct fitting type.They screw in to your ceiling light socket 240 volt AC mains power.

Frequently asked questions about uv black light torches 


Q) Are black light torches dangerous? 

A) Most black light torches for sale to the general public in Australia are not dangerous. In saying that you should treat our black lights in the same way as you would with any white light flash light and do not shine in your or other people’s eyes.  

Q) What type of batteries should I use in my black light torch? 

A) We recommend you buy rechargeable batteries for your torch. The higher the MAH the better your black light torch will perform.  

Q) What can I use my black light for? 

A) Black light torches are used every day all around the world by both business and consumers. Doctors and vets used black lights to check patients for ringworms and other minor and serious infections and skin conditions. Real estate’s and cleaners use black light torches to check for animal urine (Mostly cats and dogs). School students use black light torches for science experiments. Some jewelers and art galleries use black lights to check for imperfections. Banks use black light torches to check for counterfeit money and other irregularities.  
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