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Blacklight ink and Paint

What Is Blacklight ink and Paint And How Can I Use Them?


Above image: A UV Blacklight at a Glow party lighting up UV reactive items including UV Paint

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of Black Light Inks and Paints.

Type 1: Visible In Daylight Blacklight ink and Paint


Above image: UV Glow Yellow Blacklight Paint

These spectacular Inks and paints generally have a neon or fluro appearance in daylight,

In dark and semi dark locations, for example in a night club, these Paints and Inks, when exposed to the wave lengths produced by UV Black lights will light up - glow where as anything not reactive to these UV reactive wavelengths will appear dark and dull.

Type 2: Invisible Blacklight ink and Paint

These special paints and inks remain invisible until a special light source (UV Blacklight) is in the vicinity of them.

They will continue to be visible until the UV Blacklight source is either switched off or is moved away from their location.

A few examples of Invisible Inks And paint applications are invisible letters, invisible temporary tattoos, and security markings on bank notes etc.

The Next really important thing to realize is that both types of blacklight ink and paint need a UV Black Light to make them perform.


Above image: A UV Blacklight Globe switched on

Types of items that will make these Blacklight inks and Paints light up

Special purpose lights and torches are used to make these Paints and Inks light up or glow.

A Tip About Protecting Your valuables

Buy yourself a few invisible ink pens and mark your precious items with your drivers license number.

This can help you identify your goods if the get stolen and you get a chance to claim any recovered goods. 

written by Paul Housego

Glow Paint Industries Australia

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