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Black Light Party

Black Light party Explained

What are Black Light Parties?

Black Light Party Paint Used At Black Light Party

 They are a Party that uses Black Lights to light up anything that is reactive to the light.

Anything that is not reactive to the Black light will stay dull dark and boring.

Black Light Parties are very popular worldwide at this present time.

What is a Black light?

 Two 400 watt UV Black Lights Turned On

A Black Light is a special light that emits a special wavelength of light that makes any thing that is reactive to that wavelength light up - glow.

You may have seen Blacklights in use at your local night club. They make white things like Tee shirts light up in the dark.

Black Light are sometimes refered to as a UV Light, or UV Party Light.

What should I wear to a Black Light party?

A Black Light Reactive Full Body Suit lights up near Black light

As a general rule most Fluro coloured things including clothing will fluroesce - light up when near a Black light. Pure white clothing, bed sheets and bathroom paper will also light up when exposed to a Black light.

What Do I need for my Black light Party?

Other Useful items for Black light parties

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