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Young Scientist Experiment Index

Below you will find a growing list of experiments designed for use by young enquiring minds.

Tonic Water Fluorescing Under UV Light

Tonic Water Fluorescing Under UV Light

Even though these experiments are safe to be performed by young Teens and older Children we recommend Adult supervision.

In this section we will provide wrtten matterial, video's, and product packs that include all the nesseccary items for the experment to take place, including OH And S supplies, for example, face masks.

Please note the author does not have any degree in anything science related. but his technical background helps hime to discover and try out new and exciting science projects that most young people will enjoy.

In this training I will endeavour to use my qualifications in Training and Assessment to help participants understand the information I supply..

Have fun, learning to become creative in your thinking.


Our First Three Experiments Will Be;

  1. Growing A Crystal Garden
  2. The Secret World Of Invisible Ink
  3. Fluorescence In The Home

A possible 4th experiment might be examining fluorescing minerals under UV Light. We will also make a tutorial on how to make glow in the dark chalk.

Glow In The Dark Chalk

If the above interested you, ask Mum or Dad to send us an email stating that you want us to impliment these scientific experiments tutorials before they are schedualed for release.


Science For Young Minds



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