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UV Glow Face And Body paint FAQ

UV Glow Face And Body Paint Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - Is this face and body paint safe to use?

ANSWER - YES, the main components of this Paint, are non toxic and non acidic.

Question 2 - Why do you reccommend using a dried layer of barrier or hand cream under the Face and body Paint?

ANSWER - This has two advantages. 1 - Allows for easier removal, and 1 -  help protect from any skin irritation. Unfortunately some people are very sensitive to many products. and we highly reccommend they do not use these paints. Best practice would be to test a small sample on a area on the back of your hand first. If you are allergic to gums, please do not use these Paints.Please keep these paints away from skin abrasions, your eyes and mouth, and possible other sensitive areas.

Question 3 - What are the best fluorescing colours?

ANSWER - The best colour is Yellow. it is really intense. Other colours like Orange, Orange/Yellow and Orange/Red are also good. Please note that some UV Black Lights do not perform as good as others, and in some circumstances, may not seem to work at all. The best wavelength for a black light emitts 365 - 370 nm. Black Light fluorescent tubes, and UV cannons work well.

Question 4 - What is a UV Black Light?

ANSWER - A uv black light emits a special wavelength of light, that can give the illusion of glowing, to Fluro coloured items. UV Black lights are used in security applications, at most night clubs, and in some crime scene investigations. Be aware that some black lights including globs do not work very efficiently, therefore we highly reccommend you test UV Black Lights either before purchase, or before your event.

Question 5 - Where is this paint made?

ANSWER - It is made in Australia by us, using on toxic, non acidic, and non flamable ingredients.


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