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DIY Electroluminescent Accessories

Do It Yourself Electroluminescent Accessories


So you have a project that requires different lengths of EL wire

You can make your own lengths using the products below.

Don't forget to order your battery inverters and EL wire separately.

Description Of Electroluminescent Accessories available For Purchase Below

  • End Caps  - Glue these to the end of your El wire lengths(s).
  • Connectors - These are soldered to the end of your EL wire oe the Battery Inverter Packs
  • Protective Sleeve - to protect exposed wire from short circuiting.
  • Don't forget to order your battery pack and El wire separately.

To order the EL wire click here

To order the correct battery invertors click here

You Will Also Need The Following Items

+  Small Soldering Iron suitable for electronics

+  Solder suitable for electronics

+  Wire Strippers

+  Heat source to srink protective sleeve

+   Glue suitable for plastic

We will soon have a how to assemble PDF file for you to download and print to help with the modification and assembly of the El wire.