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Peach Fluoro Plus Glow In The Dark Pigments

Peach Fluoro Plus Glow In The Dark Pigments
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Day Colour Peach Fluro Plus Glow In The Dark Pigments

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Fluoro coloured Glow In The Dark Pigments can be used for many applications. These Pigments can be used with most mediums, for example, Polyester Resin and Solvent based Paints, and water based mediums including Acrylic Paints. Glow in the Dark Pigments are an ideal choice for Arts and Crafts lovers. They are perfect for craft projects and can be used in and around the home and beyond

Glow in the Dark Pigments sometimes known as Glow in the Dark Powders can be charged, and discharged many thousands of times, making them very economical to use. The are the basic ingredient for most Glow in the Dark products. They are used by consumers and businesses to make craft projects, make safer work and home environments, fishing widgets. and for hundreds of other extremely useful projects

They are non toxic and environmentally friendly, and can help to reduce electricity consumption. In and around the home, they can also create the "WOW" experience.


Money Back Garentee

Here's a few suggestions, that others have implemented;

* Glow in the Dark Parties

* Glow in the Dark Landscaping

* Glow in the Dark Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

* Glow in the dark waterfalls and rockeries

* Glow in the Dark Halloween and Christmas

  Easy to use

Non Toxic

Not flammable

  Not Radio active

  Ideal for Projects

  Value for money over time

  Can help reduce electrical bills

  Strong Glow in the Dark effect

  Suitable for many applications

  Use Sun to charge (solar Power)

  Use any available light source to charge

  Suitable for use in interiors and exteriors

  Can be charged then discharge (Glow) many 1000's of times

  Tutorials available on this site showing how to use this product

  Suitable for use with water based mediums for example Acrylic Paint

  Recommended for OH&S and HH&S (Household Health and Safety)

We proudly state that glow in the dark products have near infinite uses, and their full potential is limited by our own imaginations. What glow project can you make that will have others say "WOW' that's spectacular; How can I get one of these?

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