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How to plan a Fluro Party

How To Plan A Successful Fluro Party

An insight into Getting The Most From Hosting A Fluro -Black Light, Glow In The Dark Party.

Fluro Parties, also known as UV Black Light Parties are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and beyond.

Having Fun At A Glow In The dark Party

ABOVE IMAGE: Having Fun At A Glow In The Dark Party

Due to the popularity of our Glow In The Dark Party article, and receiving many hundreds of email asking about UV Black Light and Fluro Parties we decided to help those interested in obtaining the best advise available on creating their own successful Fluoro Black Light party..

About UV Black Lights and Fluro parties
UV Black Lights were used in the seventies to light up special Poster that would glow - coming alive when exposed to a UV Black Light. Other uses for black lights are at night clubs, in banks and in some children's toys. .

Why choose a Fluro Party rather than a Glow In The Dark Party
To have a Glow in the Dark Party, using glow in the dark products, for example glow paints, etc, you will need a very dark venue for the glow in the dark to be effective. This can be a security risk and may increase the chances of accidents, due to the low lighting required.

Fluro Parties can be staged in semi lit areas, making it safer to to walk around, and the UV Black Lighting will provide a more consistent glow effect. that allows for increased creativity when planning and staging your fluoro party.

UV Glow Party Products

ABOVE IMAGE: Glow In The Dark Party Products

What ingredients make a Fluro Party, a spectacular Party

Friends and family to party with. Ask them to wear fluro coloured and white clothing, as these will glow under UV black Lights.

If you would like to make your own fluorescing clothes or fabrics click this link

UV Black Light Lighting -
We do not recommend UV Black Light Globes as the are not powerful enough to provide good UV lighting. Decent UV Black Lights may be hired from some Party Supply shops.. Sometimes we have 400 watt UV cannons in stock. click this link to learn more about 400 watt UV cannons

UPDATE: Bunning's Warehouse offer a new energy efficient Black Light Fluorescent Globe that has a extended light radius. They fitting type is bayonet, so is suitable for older homes.

Green and Red Mini Laser Light Display Units. These laser light displays produce laser patterns on your ceiling and walls, like in Night Clubs. Learn more about laser light units.

Fluro - Fluoro Face and Body Paint - This non toxic Paint is available in six fluro colours, is made in Australia, and and as the name implies is safe to paint on your face and body.. click here to learn more about fluro face and body paint.

UV Glow Paint


UV Glow Paint - These glowing fluorescent paints are non toxic, inexpensive and made for use by children so are non toxic and solvent free. Learn more about UV Glow Paint .

Fluoro Highlighter Pens -
these Highlighter pens will glow under UV black light, are very inexpensive and can be used to draw images and text on signs. These can be purchased at most large supermarkets.

Invisible Ink Pens - These writers can be used to create invisible messages that can only be seen when exposed to a UV Black Light source. more information on invisible ink pens here

Special FX Face N Body Paints. For something different try our Special FX Face N Body Paints. They don't glow, but they do look good. click here to learn more about special effects paint


No Fuss, Fluro Black Light Party Packs. If you have held parties before you'll know that ordering in all the goodies for the party can be a nightmare.

We can help take out some of the stress of organizing your fluoro party. We now offer glow in the dark and Fluoro Party packs, that have bundled goodies for the specific type of party and you'll save 25% or more buy buying your supplies in bulk through us. Click this link to see our range of Fluro Party packs,

UV Glow Paint On Posters

ABOVE IMAGE: A Poster Glowing Under UV Light

Fluro Party Fashion Ideas

Wear fluoro face and body paint.

Wear fluoro colored cothes

Wear white coloured clothing.

Wear fluoro colored glasses

Make fluro shoe laces with fluoro screen printing ink

Paint your nails with fluro high lighter pens for glowing finger nails.

Paint murals on cardboard to be attached to walls using UV Glow Paint

Hire a bubble machine or some toy bubble guns, and use fluro bubble mix.

Dye your hair fluro blue or red

Wear fluro colored shoes

Purchase one of our range of fluoro party packs and save lots of money and time.

Buy a hand held UV Black Light torch before the party to see what clothing and household items are suitable for use at the party.


New for 2010 - If you can not find a fluro party pack in our range to suit your party, make a list of products your are interested in and their price and quantity of each item.

Then email us the list and we will send you back a quote with substancial discounts to make it worth buying your party supplies thru us.


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5 reasons why you should start planning your fluro party today.

  1. Fluro Parties are very popular
  2. Fluro Parties are inexpensive
  3. You'll never forget the fun you'll have on that night.
  4. You will have a great time at your fluro party
  5. Your friends will have a great time at your party


We now offer a free downloadable check list of information relating to planning and hosting a Fluro - Glow In The dark Parties.

Click here to download the Fluro Party PDF checklist  (click on and hold down right mouse button and then select "save as")



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